We ship from SERBIA by Priority Airmail. We ship out within 5 days after the payment unless Post Office are closed due to weekend or holidays then we’ll pack your item and we’ll be the first in line to ship your item the next day they’re open.

Please be patient and understand where we are shipping from. Delivery time can take up to 1 month dispite that 99% of the time packet arrive within 20days.

If you have to receive item by certain day for example: for someone’s birthday we would recommend you buy the item at least 6 weeks before the birthday. If you don’t have that much time please contact us for shipping rate on faster shipping service. We’ll be glad to work with you.

If you do not receive your item after 30 days, Please contact us we will contact our local Post Office to check on shipment status. Post office will send investigation case to the destination of the packet and should get reply in about 2 weeks. If you still haven’t received your item 2 weeks after the investigation we will refund you in full.